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Cardinal Country,


The Triad Local School District is an amazing district that is committed to providing high quality educational opportunities for all of our students. We set high expectations for ourselves and our students. The Triad Board of Education, administration and staff are focused on enhancing student achievement through creating positive educational experiences and a positive culture. 


Over the past two years Triad Local Schools has been very intentional about laying the foundation for the future. During the 2019-2020 school year, Triad engaged in Portrait of a Graduate work which looked into the skills and assets needed in a Triad graduate. The district received feedback from the community, staff, students and the Board of Education. Through this process, the team identified the following assets as important moving forward: Responsible, Respectful, Problem Solver, Collaborative, Compassionate, and Self-Manager. Next steps include the district strategically looking for opportunities to ensure these assets become a focus and are taught in all grade levels. 


Additionally during the 2019-2020 school year, Triad engaged in a curriculum audit to identify what was going well and what areas needed more focus moving forward. Using a third party, we were able to look at our organization with a fresh set of eyes. The process looked into many components within the organization, including: teaching and learning, student assessment & data, professional learning, leadership and culture, and intervention & enrichment.


The 2020-2021 school year began by engaging in strategic planning. Strategic planning was the last big piece of the puzzle to help us lay the foundation for the future. The strategic plan brings together the results of the curriculum audit, as well as, the district Portrait of a Graduate in one cohesive place. Although our strategic plan won’t be complete until April, we are pleased with the process and thoughtful conversations thus far. The team, made of community, staff and the Board of Education started with our Mission and Vision Statement.  The document is still in draft form but below is what we have so far. 


  • Mission Statement - Triad Local Schools will provide a safe and supportive environment where each child’s unique strengths, challenges, and differences are celebrated.  Through compassionate teaching and learning, all students will achieve their fullest potential.  

  • Vision Statement - Teaching and learning at Triad Local Schools will empower students to become collaborative problem solvers and empathetic contributors to society. 


Core Beliefs have been set.  These beliefs along with our Portrait of a Graduate will help to keep us focused as we start to create focus areas and our district and building goals. 


  • We Believe…

    • Every child has a need to feel safe and valued

    • Failure provides opportunities for growth

    • Learning is best accomplished through partnership

    • In empowering students to own their learning

    • Teaching and learning should be personalized 


We are currently working on three areas of focus: 


  • Personalized (Reframing education, Growth Mindset, Social & Emotional),

  • Connected (well rounded students, relationships, communication) and 

  • Prepared (Preparing for enrollment, enlistment, employment, entrepreneurship).


The strategic plan will set our ambition for the future and determine how best to achieve it. We will set yearly targets to keep us on track as a district, as well as specific actions and objectives for each school. 


All of this important work could not have been accomplished without our forward thinking administrative team and our hard working staff.  We are all here for the same reason… KIDS!  As a superintendent, I feel blessed to work in a district where we are all focused on that one important goal. 


Thank you for partnering with us to help promote success for all students.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 937-826-4961.





Vickie Hoffman
Triad Local School District




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